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“The kids loved the themes each week, it gave them something to look forward to.

They also liked the counselors and as a parent I felt that the groups weren’t too large (good staff to child ratio) so they didn’t get lost in the shuffle! And of course, the loved the pools and spacious landscapre that most camps don’t offer.” Kristin

“Last year was the first summer I sent my girls to Chartwell Happy Day Camp and they had a blast!

They couldn’t wait to get there every morning and then tell us all the exciting things they had done when we picked them up. They met new friends and tried new activities daily.”

Each of my daughters were in a group with kids of the same age and they each got to do activities they loved and their swimming skills improved greatly. One of the best things was all the different areas with activities, even on days it rained there were so many things to do. Not once did my girls complain they were bored. The counselors made sure the kids reapplied sunscreen and were hydrated. My only regret was that I was only able to send the girls for two weeks because I had signed them up for different camps thinking a variety would keep their interest. Well…Chartwell Happy Day Camp is the only camp my girls are asking to do this summer! – Rebecca

“Like every Mom, I had so many reservations about my son attending his first summer camp.

I researched all the local camps and talked to several directors but it was the conversation I had with Sharon, the director at Chartwell Happy Day Camp, that made it an easy decision.”

My son is like any other 6 year old, however, he is also a below the knee amputee. I needed to know that the place my son went was going to also be able to take on the added task of assisting him when needed with his prosthetic. He also couldn’t swim yet and that terrified me. Sharon said to me, “I’ll have him swimming with and without his prosthetic in two weeks.” At the time, I thought that was impossible but I loved her positive attitude. Sure enough, my son passed his swim test in two weeks. The camp went above and beyond to meet all the needs of my son. It meant the world to me to know he was somewhere safe and the staff at Chartwell did everything to make him and all of the other kids feel safe as well. They have an amazing program for the kids all summer long and it is without a doubt that he will be attending Chartwell Happy Day Camp again next summer. I can’t imagine sending him anywhere else. – Jennifer

“My son attended Chartwell Happy Day Camp last Summer and LOVED it!

A few weeks ago he asked if he could go back to that “fun camp with all the pools.” Of course I said yes, plus now my daughter can go as well! I’m super excited for them to spend their summer days outdoors, exploring, playing and enjoying all that Chartwell has to offer! Sports, Swimming, Science, Arts & Crafts, Nature and MORE!” Sandy

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