Fun Kids Activities for Rainy Days

14 Fun Kids Activities for Rainy Days It might be raining outside, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. In fact, there are plenty of activities that are perfect for rainy days. From arts and crafts to indoor games, there’s something on this list that...

Your Kids Will Love These 10 Great Outdoor Summer Activities

Thousands of children participate in summer day camp events at Chartwell Happy Day Camp each year, and we look forward to hosting your kids for camp this summer. Our safe kids’ camp is conveniently located in the Delaware Valley, and your kids will be able to...

Activities That Help Kids Make New Friends

Many children need help learning how to make new friends or knowing what to do with new friends. Learn what you can do to plan activities and teach lessons that will help your children build lasting friendships. Activities and Lessons You Can Use to Help Your Children...

Fun DIY Craft Ideas to Try With Kids

11 DIY Craft Projects That Kids Will Love Did you know that children who have more craft time learn valuable skills like problem-solving, designing, and spatial awareness? The right craft can provide children with some much-needed fun while also giving them important...

10 Low-Cost or Free Summer Activities for Kids

10 Affordable Ways to Entertain Your Kids Chartwell Family Oasis is a beautiful and safe kids camp in the Delaware Valley that’s best known for summer day camp events. Thousands of kids have enjoyed our pools and participated in our recreational activities over the...