What Is the Proper Age for Your Child to Begin Swimming Lessons?

When Should You Start Swimming Lessons for Your Child? Teaching your child to swim at an early age helps foster fun, provides a means for exercise, and teaches water safety. According to the Red Cross, nearly 61% of all children and half of all teens lack basic swim...

Your Kids Will Love These 10 Great Outdoor Summer Activities

Thousands of children participate in summer day camp events at Chartwell Happy Day Camp each year, and we look forward to hosting your kids for camp this summer. Our safe kids’ camp is conveniently located in the Delaware Valley, and your kids will be able to...

Activities That Help Kids Make New Friends

Many children need help learning how to make new friends or knowing what to do with new friends. Learn what you can do to plan activities and teach lessons that will help your children build lasting friendships. Activities and Lessons You Can Use to Help Your Children...